2015 – 2016 Programs


Case management of 200+ students will take place between the four schools. Case-management will consist of brokering services for individual students to help lower risk factors they may face and increase protective factors that will help them be more successful in school and in life.


The Mission of Reach for the Stars is to be a place to help kids dream BIG by providing them with the new life experiences and skills empowering them with confidence to be a STAR example. Read more.


K – Handwashing Program

Teaches the why, when and how of handwasing.

K – ABC Club

Helps underprepared kindergarteners learn the basics of reading.

1 – Oral Health Supplies

Given out during National Children’s Dental Health Month (February).

2 – Bike Safety Program

Teaches students safety and provides a helmet; students earn their licenses to pedal after completing obstacle course.

3 – Brilliant Bookworms

Lets children be acquainted with the Ottawa Library.

4 – Disability Awareness and Etiquette

Kansas Youth Empowerment Academy staffer, Carrie Greenwood, shares what life is like with a disability and her ability to do most of what a person without a disability can do and she shares how to speak and act around people with disabilities.

5 – Interview Day

Students interview multiple times with community professionals to sharpen their interview skills and also to be selected for their job at Exchange City.

9 – Choices Matter

Program designed to show students that the choices they make can impact their lives positively or negatively.

10 – Reality U

A financial literacy program that allows students to “experience” paying their bills as though they are 26 years old.

11 – Interview Fair

Opportunity for students to practice interview skills.

12 – Day on the Job

A day of seeing “on-the-job” work and speaking with local employers and employees.


Pre-K – Dental Hygiene Product Distribution

K-5 – Reach for the Stars After School Program

Keeps students safe and learning during the hours after school when students often get into mischief.

K-5 – Weekend Warriors

Partnership with Harvesters BackSnack Program to feed 150 students.

K-5 – OHS Connections Mentors

High school students meet with elementary students twice a week.

K-5 – Eugene Field Attendance Program

3-5 – Lincoln Living Leadership

Leadership development program

3-5 – Eugene Field Leadership

Leadership development program

3-5 – The Changing Program

In partnership with the school nurse, students are educated about their changing bodies and provided oral health supplies and deodorant.

6-8 – Girls’ Club

Girls have the opportunity to share “girl” issues.

6-8 – Boys’ Club

Boys have the opportunity to share “boy” issues.

6-8 – Tobacco Awareness

6-8 – Perfect Attendance Program

Encouraging students to be at school every day

6-8 – Communities In Schools Promotional Materials Available At The Front Office

6-12 – Parent Engagement

Parents and students are exposed to important topics quarterly including healthy relationships, mental health, drug awareness and internet safety.

9-12 – Cross Out Your Labels

Anti-bullying project.

9-12 – Girls’ Club

Girls work on resiliency, positive self-talk, relationships and how the media misrepresents what it means to be a young woman in America.

9-12 – Boys’ Club

Boys work on resiliency, self-control and how the media misrepresents what it means to be a young man in America.

9-12 – Tardy Takedown

Attendance incentive program.

10-12 – College Fair

Students will have the opportunity to visit with colleges and prepare for their life after high school.

K-12 – Dental Clinics

Provided by Douglas County Dental Clinic.

K-12 – Kick Up Your Heels

Shoe vouchers for students in Franklin County. Funds provided by Ransom Memorial Hospital.

K-12 – RePlay

Partnership with Franklin County Leadership – provides sporting equipment to children and youth and funding for registration fees and other needed sports items.

K-12 – Mentoring through partnership with BBBS

K-12 – Oral Health Supplies

Oral health supplies distribution through Salvation Army Angel Tree and through Weekend Warriors.

K-12 – Eye Glasses

Partnership with Ottawa Epic Vision.

K-12 – Penny Wars

Collecting funds for United Way allows students the opportunity to give back.

K-12 – Clothing Closet

K-12 – Coat Drive

K-12 – Fill The Bus

School supplies, snacks and hygiene products were collected at Wal-mart through a partnership with United way and ECKAN.