The Mission of Reach for the Stars is to be a place to help kids dream BIG by providing them with the new life experiences and skills empowering them with confidence to be a STAR example.


The cost for each student for 2016-17 school year is $35 per month. RFTS also requires a $25 registration fee when enrolling a student. This money is used to offset the cost of materials and field trips. This cost may go up as the grant comes to its conclusion. There are scholarships available, which will be determined after the elementary enrollments.


Although, RFTS never considers itself a substitute for responsible parenting, homework assistance is given. RFTS is not a homework completion program, rather a homework assistance program.  Most of the students can complete their assignments while at the program, however RFTS staff encourages parents to review what has been done and to check for homework completion.


RFTS provides tutoring activities to help students do well during their regular school day. Some of the students participate in web-based tutoring programs, while others use activities such as academic games and worksheets. Some older students work with younger students on their work, thus strengthening their own understanding. We also have volunteers who come in throughout the year to help assist with our tutoring program and they bring an array of different tactics to help students.


Field trips to the The Rink, the Ottawa Library and to Prairie Paws are included as part of our enrichment activities. All grade levels have special activities/units, many in which are STEM based. Other themed projects provided that many include arts and crafts, cooking and up and active activities to promote health and exercise and healthy eating. Academic matter is introduced in fun and engaging ways and is at the base of most all units/activities/projects.