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cortlinbikeThere are kids that struggle with things….well, really we all have our struggles but some of us just don’t quite know how to vent it out. When I met Cortlin his goal was to get kicked out of school for the remainder of the year by getting sent to the principal’s office over and over. We met in October so he had been in school for about a month and a half.  He was in a really bad place.  He was angry and frustrated and didn’t know where to go or what to do. He just believed not dealing with school was the answer.  That first week we met, Cortlin and I did a lot of talking and he let me in on why he felt so angry.  He started coming into my office when he was angry, which said a lot because he was recognizing it and not just reacting. We talked a lot about the fact that it was OK to feel angry but it is how we deal with that anger that is important.  A boys group was started at OHS through Communities In Schools and Cortlin participated in that this past school year. Sometimes Cortlin just comes in my office and eats lunch with me and tells me about the good things that are happening in his life and sometimes he shares some of his frustrations.  His anger has come a long way and he isn’t getting sent to the office like he used to. He ended his freshman year of high school with a 3.625 GPA.  So when I ask Cortlin what Communities In Schools has done to help him he shared this “a lot, I mean it kept me in school, it kept me from doing a lot of stupid things, and helped me fix my bike and you’ve done a lot for me”.  Cortlin loves to ride his BMX bike. However it was broken for quite a while and he couldn’t ride it. So through our Replay program we were able to get Cortlin’s bike fixed.  When I see Cortlin, I see amazing potential in a kid that is going places.

Cassie Myers
Site Coordinator at Ottawa High School

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